Buying Guide

Buying a new kitchen is not something done on a regular basis and with an ever growing array of products available, can be overwhelming


However, it should be recognized as both a large spend and emotional experience, which should be fun


Below is the process to help

Choosing Products

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When choosing your furniture it is important to do your homework. 


Sheds, while easy will offer less expensive products with limited choice.


Remember that putting a cheap kitchen in an expensive home can affect house value.


Specialist retailers will offer better quality cabinets with a greater selection. bespoke kitchens will be the most expensive.


Choice can be varied dependent on your budget, however you should have at least a list of what appliances you require from the start of the design even if the actual manufacturer or model isn’t chosen.


More common place is to order online, however caution should be taken to ensure that the appliances are available at time of installation and checked for suitability.


Many companies may charge extra for installation of appliances not supplied, also disposal of packaging or liability.

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Neff Steam Cooker.jpg


Laminate worktops have moved on in recent times and are not quite the poor cousin to other options, limitations for sizes and also the requirement of inset sinks.


Solid wood worktops are high maintenance and other for the client prepared to take csre with regular oiling etc.


Resin tops such as Minerva and Corian are more specialized with invisible joints and integral bowls can prove an expensive option


Stone such as granite quartz are particularly popular due to finish style and durability. For the more natural look then granite is the way to go, though they are susceptible to staining due to their porous nature, Quartz is a silica based alternative, which works well for being non porous, also very good with heat and stains. Both work in the same way as far as installation is concerned, both are great for rolling out pastry for example due their cool touch. Also, undermount sinks can be used


Worktop choice will also have a bearing on installation times as quartz and granite need to be templated before fitting which can add a couple of weeks to the installation.

silestone quartz.jpg
ceasarstone granite.jpg


Most people do not have the required tools, electrical / gas qualifications to attempt a kitchen installation and therefore will need assistance.


Whatever your budget the quality of the installation is paramount. Pick a fitter wisely.


A professional kitchen fitter will generally be a more expensive proposition than a local builder and will normally ensure a better result, as they have the experience relevant tools and specialist knowledge.


The money will be well spent, but I emphasize the importance of seeing recent work, or accreditation.